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Why You Should Know Them

  • Significant influencers in Colorado’s music scene that gained national exposure on the H.O.R.D.E. tour of the early 90’s, Leftover Salmon has been a JamGrass torch-bearer for nearly 25-years
  • Coined the term “Polyethnic Cajun Slamgrass” to describe their music, a mix of bluegrass, rock, country, and cajun/zydeco
  • Rotating lineup consistently attracts top-notch musicians built around the core of Vince Herman and Drew Emmitt
  • Tragically lost founding-member Mark Vann to skin cancer at the too-young age of 39
  • The late 90’s edition featuring Herman, Emmitt, Vann, Tye North (bass) and Jeff Sipe (drums) was considered the essential line-up, though collaborations with Andy Thorn, Greg Garrison (bass), and Jose Martinez or Alwyn Robinson on drums have propelled the band’s new material


  • Mixing musical styles
  • Emmitt’s mutli-instrument perfection (mandolin, electric guitar, fiddle)
  • Playing fast
  • Herman’s stage presence
  • Collaborations and attracting top-flight musicians
  • FESTIVAL!, most notably their near-residency in Telluride Bluegrass Festival
  • Promoting the banjo as an “electric” instrument

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JamGrass.net Recommends - Leftover Salmon Albums & MP3s

Buy TracksBuy Albums
Lovin' In My Baby's EyesThe Nashville Sessions
Midnight BluesThe Nashville Sessions
Highway SongEuphoria
Breakin' ThruThe Nashville Sessions
Are You Sure Hank Done It This TimeThe Nashville Sessions
Aquatic HitchhikerAquatic Hitchhiker
Pasta On The MountainBridges To Bert
Bend In The RiverAsk The Fish
Out In The WoodsLive
Unplug That TelephoneLive
Troubled TimesThe Nashville Sessions
Up On The Hill Where We Do The BoogieThe Nashville Sessions
Gulf of MexicoAquatic Hitchhiker
Funky Mountain FogdownEuphoria
When The Levee BreaksAsk The Fish
Baby Hold OnEuphoria
Sing Up to the MoonAquatic Hitchhiker
Five AliveThe Nashville Sessions
Steam Powered AereoplaneLive
Lonesome RoadAsk The Fish
Whiskey Before Breakfast/Over The WaterfallBridges To Bert
Ain't Gonna WorkEuphoria
Muddy Water HomeEuphoria
Kentucky SkiesAquatic Hitchhiker

Leftover Salmon’s Artist Page at Amazon.com

NOTE: Leftover Salmon released four stand-out tracks in conjunction with Breckenridge Brewery in the second half of 2013. At the time this post was published, the tracks were only available through LiveSalmon.com and iTunes.

3 thoughts on “JamGrass.net Recommends – Leftover Salmon

  1. Tom

    Gonna take this walk down memory lane later this afternoon. I have spent many evenings over the last 15-20 years, catching LoS whenever possible. I must admit, I am really enjoying the new lineup, and I think Andy brings a ton to the table. Looking forward to the ‘Powder Daze’ mountain tour in Feb (hearing the shows, that is).


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