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JamBase.com, a music scene powerhouse and the premier provider of concert information on the Interwebs, shared the good word on JamGrass.net via their “Cover Alert | David Rawlings Machine Tackles Grateful Dead” article. Check out the article, looks for upcoming shows in your area, and bookmark JamBase.com!

To see the video, head over to the JamGrass.net YouTube Channel and subscribe. You’ll also find Dave Rawlings Machine covering Led Zeppelin’s “Going to California” complete with John Paul Jones on mandolin! Excuse my awful singing, just couldn’t help my self;-)

2 thoughts on “JamBase.com Love

    1. Dave Himes Post author

      Hi Marge, welcome to the site. We’re still in start-up mode at this point so no mailing list yet. We’ll keep you posted!


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