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Carolina_Chocolate_DropsOriginal Publish Date 12/6/2013

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Carolina Chocolate Drops is a band I can listen to at just about anytime. Most of their songs have a certain familiar quality to them. Tonight at the Variety Playhouse, I’ll only be seeing them for the second time. Unfortunately, it will be my last – at least in their current iteration. The band will replace a founding member and say goodbye to a regular guest following their current tour. If you’re near Atlanta, Asheville, Knoxville, or Charlotte you should get out and see the band while you can. If not, be sure to catch the next generation of the Carolina Chocolate Drops. I’m sure they won’t disappoint.


  • Calling Durham, NC home, the Carolina Chocolate Drops began to take form at 2005’s Black Banjo Gathering in Boone, NC.
  • The bands core sound is old time fiddle and banjo music, though blues, jazz, and folks have become increasingly common in their originals and covers.
  • The bands concerts often have an educational message, particularly about the history of the pieces performed or the role African-Americans played in the development of the music.
  • 2010’s Genuine Negro Jig earned the group their first Grammy, in the Best Traditional Folk Album category.


  • Rhiannon Giddens – Founding member; 5-string banjo, fiddle, kazoo
  • Dom Flemons – Founding member announced his departure from the band to pursue a solo career following the Winter 2013 tour; 4-string banjo, guitar, jug, harmonica, kazoo, snare drum, bones, quills
  • Hubby Jenkins – Joined in 2011; guitar, mandolin, 5-string banjo, bones
  • Malcom Parson – Joining as a full time member in 2014; Cello
  • Rowan Corbett – Joining as a full time member in 2014; guitar, bones, snare drum, cajon, djembe
  • Leyla McCalla – Regular guest, the band announced McCalla will be pursuing a solo career after the Winter 2013 tour; Cello
  • Adam Matta – Left as a regular member after 2011; Beatbox, tambourine
  • Justin Robinson – Left as a full time member in 2011; Fiddle

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