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On December 9th, announced our intentions to donate 100% of our proceeds from revenue generated through our Amazon Associate Program account to The Tony Rice Foundation, a PayPal account setup by friends of Mr. Rice to assist the musician in his time of need. My expectations were high. I was hoping that with the Christmas season upcoming, friends of the site and fans of Tony would get some shopping done and perhaps we could send a size-able donation.

First off, I’d like to express my appreciation for everyone that did participate! From December 9th through December 31st 2013, twenty items were ordered through Amazon from referrals from Total revenue for amounted to $280.27, generating $15.53 in advertising fees for


My intentions were to donate the entire $15.53 to The Tony Rice Foundation, but my expectations were higher. Instead, donated everything earned through our Amazon account since the site launched.

From the time launched on October 25th, twenty-four total items were purchased totaling $1,027.00 for and $59.89 in advertising fees for Thanks to friends of mine the Higham family for ordering some big ticket items!


This morning, I submitted the donation for $60 to PayPal. It isn’t much and I wish it could be more but as the administrator of the Facebook account wrote when I expressed disappointment about earnings to date on December 17th, “we are very grateful for any and all donations. Tony says THANK YOU!”


Again, I’d simply like to express my appreciation for everyone that participated in the drive and everyone that has supported to date. 2014 will be a great year! Please consider donating to Tony Rice and lets help him and his family live comfortably until he can pick his guitar back up!

To Donate

    • Donate online using PayPal (account setup by The Tony Rice Foundation)
    • Send  a check payable to Tony Rice, P.O. Box 914, Odessa, FL 33556

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