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The 2004 Leftover Salmon self-titled album is available through major digital outlets beginning Tuesday, February 11, 2014. Recorded with Bill Payne of Little Feat, the album features all the things a Leftover Salmon album should.

Things get started newgrass-style with Drew Emmitt’s howling vocals on “Down In the Hollow” prooving its worth as a lead-off hitter. A quintessential Vince Herman tune follows in “Mountain Top.” Vince could release a whole album of mountain pop (laid back vocals, country-twinged, straight-up rocker) and I’d enjoy every moment of it. The album includes delta blues, rolling instrumentals, and live staples.

Pay attention to “Whispering Waters” around the three minute mark as the banjo rolls right into Payne’s extended piano solo before bursting into a fury of mandolin notes. Also, note the dead-space at the end of the closing “Weary Traveler” and skip ahead to the final twenty seconds for a little hidden jam.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, pick-up a copy for your favorite hoopin’ honey, and get your slamgrass on. Support JamGrass.net by ordering the album through the Amazon affiliate program.

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