Cabinet in Atlanta

Cabinet visited Smith’s Olde Bar in Atlanta, GA on 3/13/2014 as their Late Winter tour drives through the Southeast. The band lived up to their growing reputation, delivering standout tracks from their repertoire and moving the solid Thursday evening crowd with their progressive rock-&-grass.

The band opened the long set with a tight new tune, “Mysterio”, before fan favorite “Eleanor.” “Caroline” is quintessential Cabinet, with smooth bass and drum swing from rhythm section Dylan Skursky and Jami Novak. The song features great vocals from mandolinist J.P. Biondo and a massive fiddle solo by Todd Kopec before closing in a bit of a Celtic jam. “Mr. Spaceman” has a decidedly country twang to it and featured a nice banjo solo from Pappy Biondo, who took over lead vocal efforts on “Elizabeth.”

The newgrass spectacle continued with The Delmore Brothers “Nashville Blues” and Bill Monroe’s “On and On.” “Hit It On The Head” starts off like a rolling songwriter number before hitting a nice groove-grass medley the rest of the way. It’s an easy song to like.

The bluegrass pace hit a frenzy with “Wine And Shine,” “Old Farmer’s Mill,” and “Poor Man’s Blues.” The latter featured a blisteringly bluesy guitar solo from the able Michael Coviello. Fan interaction triggered an impromptu intro to the Peter Tosh anthem “Legalize It” before transitioning unexpectedly into “Susquehanna Breakdown,” the namesake for the band’s newly minted annual gettogether in hometown Scranton, PA.

The closing tune was “Heavy Rain,” another defining Cabinet song. Ultimately, Cabinet left the crowd wanting more and eager for a return visit from their friends from the Pennsylvanian hills. Cabinet delivers on all fronts and it is easy to see why they’re quickly developing their regional domination into national acclaim.

Cabinet has thirteen more dates on their Late Winter 2014 Tour. Check out’s interview with J.P. Biondo and the Spotify playlist for a makeshift recording. Support the band and by shopping for their music at


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